Personal Training:

Jamie has developed an approach that encompasses not just physical fitness, but emotional transformation as well. She believes that the mind is the most important aspect when making lifestyle changes and moving towards a more fulfilled life. Her style uses both fitness and nutrition to help stabalize your internal environment, all while addressing mental and emotional blocks. She is currently available for training in the Los Angeles area or for Health & Wellness Retreats worldwide. It’s never to late to reinvent yourself. The change starts with you!!

Gym Design:

Over the years Jamie has spent thousands of hours in gyms and home-gyms all over the world. Her expertise has grown into not just personal training but advising clients and small business on gym design and functionality. Getting the most out of your space can make all the difference in your training and time spent transitioning from exercise to exercise. She also offers specialized workouts to utilize in your new space, which will always include best practices and her 11 years of experience in health & fitness.
Sports Specific Training: Offers training plans for a variety of sports and performance outcomes - like increased sport-specific strength, fitness testing, flexibility, speed, power and endurance.
Photoshoots, Film, & Television: Advising on sports specific movement or fitness form. Jamie has formally worked with Rihanna and Puma on several major photoshoots and has experience as a fitness advisor in television.

Events and Retreats:

Jamie is currently available for speaking or training events, along with health and wellness retreats. Speaking events will include a 15 to 25 minute motivational talk by Jamie, 15 minute Q & A following and also time for pictures with your guests.
Training events are 45 minutes, 15 minute Q&A, and also followed by photo opportunities.
No matter if you're looking for a private or corporate retreat Jamie’s 3 to 5 day options will give you everything thing you need to reset the mind and mobilize your body. Consisting of daily workouts, adventure, nutritional coaching, and goal setting. Take your “vacation” to the next level.
Contact for pricing or custom quotes.